[Reporter Yi Huici/Taipei Report] The epidemic situation is slowing down. The command center announced that starting from December 1st, all open outdoors will cancel the requirement of wearing a mask at all times, and the regulation of not toasting table by table will also be cancelled.

Tang Qiyang, an astrology expert known as the "National Teacher", posted on Facebook. Apart from being unaccustomed, she seriously suspects that everyone's appearance will be reduced due to this.

Tang Qiyang revealed that she is not used to taking off the mask.

(Flipping Facebook)

Tang Qiyang said that the ban on masks was lifted on December 1. After wearing them for more than two years, she suddenly no longer needed to wear them. I don't recognize it.

Netizens responded one after another, "I still dare not take off the mask, it has nothing to do with the appearance, but I am afraid of the virus", "Wearing a mask automatically adds +50 points to the appearance", "The appearance will really make a big difference", "Wearing it is not wrong, Winter is the peak season for flu, so it’s always good to be on guard”, “Pay attention to your skin condition”, “Before you can be lazy and don’t wear makeup, but you have to work harder in the future”, “There are several new colleagues, I don’t know their true colors ", "But the face is relatively small", "Prepare lip balm, the lips become dry easily".

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