Huang An (left) and Liu Leyan (right).

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Artists Liu Leyan and Huang An specialize in laughing at Taiwan, betraying sincerity to China, and using Taiwan’s health insurance. The 2 people living in China have recently fled because they couldn’t stand China’s city closure policy. very fast.

Huang An moved from Beijing to Fuzhou to avoid the epidemic.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Huang An said on Weibo that he had moved out of the hardest-hit area in Beijing, where he had lived for 20 years, to live in Fuzhou, and bought a silver car, which aroused the dissatisfaction of Beijing's little pinks: "The epidemic in Beijing is very serious, and it is almost moldy at home. You It's so fast."

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Liu Leyan went to Henan and encountered the closure of the city, so she hurriedly found a place where she could bring her dog.

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In addition, Liu Leyan, the "female version of Huang An", went to Henan for live broadcast work, but unfortunately encountered a city lockdown and was locked up at home for 23 days. Now after the lockdown was lifted, her work was cancelled, and she hurriedly asked Chinese netizens for help. "Accommodation", netizens raged about the epidemic situation in China: "Don't live in Shijiazhuang, the epidemic situation is severe." The two who have been together for many years are running fast, and life is quite hard.

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