Nangang Master Travel launched the "Happy Together" 2023 Lunar New Year housing project, with traveler rooms starting at RMB 2,888 per room.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

[Reporter Zhou Xingrui/Taipei Report] To welcome the 10-day holiday of the Lunar New Year in 2023, Master Nangang Travel launched the "Happy Together" 2023 Lunar New Year Housing Project, from January 20 to January 27, 2023. Rooms start from 2,888 yuan per room, style rooms start from 5,888 yuan, and travel suites start from 6,888 yuan. If you stay for more than the second night (inclusive), you can enjoy a 5% discount from the second night. Facilities include a 24-hour gym, free parking at the accommodation, and a 20% discount on high-speed rail when purchasing additional high-speed rail during the period. You can easily experience the lively atmosphere of the New Year in the metropolitan area at Master Nangang.

"Happy Together with Rabbits and Happy Together" by Nangang Master Travellers. The table price starts at RMB 12,800 + 10%.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

The transportation location of Nangang Master Travel is close to the MRT Nangang Software Park Station. It can be reached in 3 minutes on foot. "Together" project, in addition to the Spring Festival housing discount, on New Year's Eve (1/21), the dinner table for 10 people will be 23,800 yuan + 10%. For small and medium-sized families, a table for 5 people will be sold, per table 12,800 yuan + 10%. In addition to enjoying the sumptuous table dishes carefully prepared by the chef, banknotes and currencies from various countries are arranged on site to create a New Year atmosphere. There is also a lucky game to give gifts. Try your luck and experience the new year Good luck in the new year.

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The Lunar New Year's Eve fireside feast of Nangang Master Travel revolves around the theme of "money and rabbits are like brocade", hoping that the wealth will roll in.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

This year’s Lunar New Year’s Eve, Master Nangang’s Lunar New Year’s Eve feast has a special cross-border cooperation, adding Nongchun Township Chicken Essence into Morel Mushroom and Scallop Chicken Soup.

(Provided by Nangang Classic Hotel)

Nangang Master Travel said that this year, it has a special cross-border cooperation with Taiwan's well-known drop chicken essence brand "Nong Chunxiang". Less than two weeks after the launch of the banquet, the bookings are close to full, and the countdown to the last seats, please refer to the official website for details:

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