Little S's second daughter, Lily Xu Shaoen, recently appeared on the electronic cover of a fashion magazine. She changed into several sets of fancy clothes in a row, exuding a casual and fashionable appearance. Once again, she was praised by netizens as a supermodel hanger.

A few days ago, Lily, the second daughter of Xiao S, shared photos of her 15th birthday and celebrating with her parents in the community. At that time, many netizens left messages saying "Lily is so beautiful", with a slender figure and long black curly hair , facing the camera with a shallow smile, completely inheriting the demeanor of a superstar mother.

In less than a few days, the fashion media released the beautiful photo of Lily being invited to shoot the electronic cover. This is Lily's first personal magazine cover after appearing on the magazine with her three sisters and mother.

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Little S's second daughter, Lily, was invited to shoot the electronic cover of a fashion magazine.

In the blockbuster, Lily puts on a series of brand-new costumes from Versace, Dior and other boutique brands. There is also a set of works from Taiwanese designer Jenn Lee, which is a denim long waistcoat. The appearance is more personalized and sexy, and each blockbuster wears Cartier (Cartier) jewelry and watches, allowing Lily to show the demeanor of a superstar supermodel.

Netizen fans once again sent surprise messages: "You can debut in place", "This is a supermodel at all", "Better than 15 years old", "It's a pity not to be a model in the future", "Lily is super beautiful" .

Lily is only 15 years old, but she is very comfortable in controlling fashionable clothes.

In this denim vest dress from Taiwanese designer Jenn Lee, Lily showed her personality and sex appeal.

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