Huang Mingzhi will release a new album "HD Uncensored".

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Malaysian singer Huang Mingzhi once again "collected" Japanese AV actresses. Not only him, but many netizens were also full of memories.

Huang Mingzhi (right) took a photo with Sora Aoi ten years ago.

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Huang Mingzhi, who has collaborated with Mikami Yua and Asuka Kira in MVs in the past, shared a photo of him with the former AV actress Sora Aoi this time. Huang Mingzhi said: "When I saw her again, countless memories came to my heart...".

Huang Mingzhi said: "I met her once 10 years ago, and this is our second photo. Surprisingly, she hasn't changed at all."

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Huang Mingzhi (right) took another photo with Sora Aoi after ten years.

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Netizens said that Sora Aoi seemed to be more beautiful, while Mingzhi Huang was completely thinner. When he took a photo with Sora Aoi 10 years ago, he was round.

Seeing Sola Aoi who has quit the AV field and is married and having children, many netizens called out "Youth Memories!" and "My Teacher Aoi!"

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