Christy Chung's (pictured left) daughter Zhang Sijie was acid-plasticized.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] 52-year-old Hong Kong actress Christy Chung made her debut as a beauty pageant champion and entered the entertainment industry. She is of Chinese-Vietnamese mixed race. The dance segment, however, attracted netizens to question the gap with the previous image, doubt whether it was plastic surgery, and I (Zhang Sijie) also appeared domineering "5 words" to respond.

Zhang Sijie (first from left) aggressively responded to netizens, denying plastic surgery.

(Reposted from Weibo)

Chung Liti posted a dance clip of her second daughter, Zhang Sijie. Her superb dancing skills and fairy looks also amazed many netizens, but some netizens criticized her "single eyelids" and "flat nose" when she was a child. The huge contrast made some netizens sour for plastic surgery. Zhang Sijie also went online personally. Response: "There are so many things to manage." Responded to netizens.

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Sister Zhang Kailin also posted clips of Zhang Sijie's childhood performances on Douyin. In the video, she responded bitterly: "Did your family have plastic surgery at the age of 14?", escorting her domineering sister.

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