The church committee of the parish of St. Simon and St. Helena in Minsk approved the request of pastor Wladislav Zavalnyuk to perform the duties of a janitor at the closed Red Church, reports with reference to the message of the parish, which published pictures with the caption: "Our pastor - priest-canon Wladislav - is currently experiencing not only "black" days, but also "white" ones..."

"Furthermore, we ask you, dear believers, to pray for the intention of our sanctuary.

Each person and each family has its own problems and difficulties, therefore, to make our prayers stronger, we encourage you to add fasting and abstinence to your prayers.

Also, we meditate more deeply on God's word and do good deeds," the parish's announcements state.

Last week it became known that priest-canon Vladyslav Zavalnyuk wrote a statement in which he asked to be allowed to take care of the territory of the temple.

"Since two months have passed since the fire incident in the vestry of the church of St. Simon and St. Helena, and the church is closed, and parish activities are suspended, I, as the pastor of the parish, do not have the opportunity to conduct divine services.

Therefore, in order for me to be able to benefit the parish, I am asking you to allow me to perform the duties of a janitor from November 21, 2022, to clean the area around the Red Church, which is not being cleaned at the moment."

Almost two months have passed since the authorities took away the Red Church from the believers.

The seized territory is not taken care of.

The church committee has considered the application and is inclined to make a positive decision, because the yard really needs cleaning, writes the website of the Red Church.

  • The Red Church was closed to believers and priests by the authorities after the fire incident on September 26.

    Not long after, the authorities decided to take the building away from the parish, citing the need for repairs.

  • Already by October 12, the parish had to take its property from the building.

    But believers and the priest are not allowed into the church building.

  • On October 11, master priest Vladyslav Zavalnyuk was praying on the porch near the closed doors of the Red Church, when uniformed policemen approached him and tried to forcefully pull him away with the demand: "Come through!".

    The priest asked them not to touch him, and the policemen stopped touching him.

    Security forces prevented the prayer and other people who gathered near the shrine.

  • On October 11, the Catholic community sent an open letter to Lukashenka with a request to allow authorized representatives of the parish to inspect the fire-damaged buildings of the Red Church in Minsk.

    A copy of the letter is posted on the parish website.

  • Parishioners also stated that the fire in the church was not accidental, and sent a request to the Investigative Committee to provide information based on the results of the investigation.

  • On October 13, Edward Vainilovich, the founder of the church, turned 175 years old.

    Vainilovich, economic and political figure, memoirist, was born in 1847.

    In 1905–1910, Vainilovich's money was used to build the Red Church in Minsk in memory of his children, Simon and Alena Vainilovich, who died prematurely.

  • In early November, the Minsk City Executive Committee responded negatively to the parishioners' appeal, forbidding them to pray closer than 200 meters from the church.