South Korea's MMA (Melon Music Awards) Music Awards Ceremony was held in Seoul last weekend. The popular girl group IVE became the focus of the topic because they won the song of the year award in the awards.

Among them, the 19-year-old captain An Yuzhen not only attracted the attention of netizens because of a black mini dress with a "hollowed out front", but also her experience of spending six years transforming from a fangirl under the stage to a popular idol topic focus.

IVE won the song of the year award.

(taken from twitter)

IVE captain An Yuzhen chose to wear a black mini dress on the red carpet before the MMA meeting last weekend.

Her little dress is from the design of Valentino's 2023 early spring series. In addition to adding large hollows on the waist sides on both sides, the waist uses thick rhinestone chains with a sense of weight to add a full sense of luxury.

She wears strappy sandals as a match today. Even Zhang Yuanying, who is famous for her "12-head body" super-crazy proportions, is not "compared" at all, and her style is neat and eye-catching.

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All members of IVE appeared on the red carpet of the MMA Awards Ceremony in black and white.

(Intercepted from IG)

An Yuzhen used the hollowing out of the clothing's side waist to add eye-catching embellishments to the neat look.

(Intercepted from koreadispatch IG)

An Yuzhen's dress is from the design of Valentino's 2023 early spring series.

(Intercepted from koreadispatch IG)

In fact, this dress is not the first time it has appeared!

The leader of Girls' Generation, Taeyeon, wore the same dress when she appeared on the GMA (Genie Music Awards) music awards ceremony earlier this month; Taeyeon, who is famous for her "paper man" figure, chooses a looser sense of size, and the hollowed out area on both sides is also enlarged, which happens to highlight her slender waistline and adds a bit of sophistication to the look.

Taeyeon also wore the same dress.

(Intercept from Taeyeon IG)

IVE won the song of the year award at this year's MMA. Not only has it won the award in just one year since its debut, it is full of topics. In fact, this stage is of great significance to the captain An Yuzhen!

She revealed in interviews in the past that she was invited by a friend to join the ticket grabbing ranks in 2016, and finally snatched the front row tickets for the MMA Awards Ceremony that year to watch the performance. On the spot, she had a dream of becoming an idol one day; In 2018, he started his trainee career through selection. In 2018, he participated in the audition and made his debut through the limited group IZ*ONE. Last year, he made his debut again as the captain of IVE. The wonderful journey from fan girl to idol has also attracted many fans. Impressed.

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