Miao Kelixiu's diamond ring announced the good news without warning.

(Reposted from Miao Keli's Facebook page)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The 51-year-old actress Miao Keli has performed brilliantly in dramas and hosting, and is loved by a large number of fans. Today (28) she exposed the good news on Facebook without warning, showing a diamond ring on her hand, The news of the photo of holding hands tightly shocked everyone from all walks of life, and netizens also offered their blessings one after another.

The agent said it was Miao Keli's new show, but she still received a lot of blessings.

(Reposted from Miao Keli's Facebook page)

Miao Keli wrote on Facebook, "After holding back for so long, I can finally say, hold hands, and move towards a new life, thank you everyone", and attached a photo of ten fingers clasped. The conspicuous diamond ring also makes people guess whether it is Congratulations, but after a closer look, it seems that Miao Keli is holding the hand of a girl, which makes people wonder what is going on.

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According to the "ETtoday Starlight Cloud" report, the agent said that it was Miao Keli's new program and it would be announced on Wednesday. Even so, it still attracted congratulations from all parties, "Be happy forever", "Happy for you", " Congratulations to Sister Keli, please be happy forever", "Such a happy picture", "No matter whose hand it is, as long as you are happy, I will bless you".

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