Yang Xiuhui's father had a medical condition, so he wanted to take care of him.

(Composite photo, taken from Yang Xiuhui's Facebook page)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Veteran actress Yang Xiuhui is famous for being outspoken. Although she used to speak harshly on the show, she is a filial daughter in daily life. She has followed her father to perform around the show since she was a child. The relationship between father and daughter is deep .

However, at around 1:00 am today (26th), she suddenly posted a post revealing that her father was in a physical condition, and even shouted "willing to pain for you", which made fans quite worried.

A photo of Yang Xiuhui and her father when she was a child.

(Reposted from Yang Xiuhui's Facebook page)

Yang Xiuhui said that she helped her father Assi put on his socks and shoes yesterday, "I hope my father's feet will be more comfortable tomorrow!" Then she shouted: "If I can hurt you for you, I am willing." This speech The outside world is worried about the 89-year-old Asi's physical condition. Many stars and netizens in the entertainment industry have left messages to encourage him, "Axi's dad will take care of him and recover soon", "Dad's feet hurt, but because of you, my heart is warm."

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In fact, Yang Xiuhui's father is Taiwanese comedy star Asi (Yang Kunzao). Since she was a child, she has watched many entertainers and stars come and go, and also ran shows with her father. The relationship between father and daughter can be said to be very deep.

On the 25th, Yang Xiuhui started a live broadcast to take her family to eat conveyor belt sushi, and her parents also followed her into the camera. Many netizens appreciated her good relationship.

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