The famous mouth Di Zhiwei.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Today is the polling day for the nine-in-one election. Although the weather forecast shows that the weather is getting better, there are still occasional sporadic rains in some areas of northern Taiwan. The famous speaker Di Zhiwei went to vote near noon. Enter When voting, I found very few people. "It's very different from the long queue last time. This is our right. Please don't give up. There is still time until four o'clock in the afternoon."

Di Zhiwei went to vote near noon and found that there were very few people voting this time.

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Di Zhiwei originally wanted to say that there would be a long queue at the polling place just like last time, so he went out to vote at noon, but the crowd was unexpectedly small. "It's raining in many places today, and I'm afraid it will affect the willingness to vote." I posted 2 crying emojis, urging everyone not to give up, "But if your work or household registration is too far away from your place of residence, then there is no way, I hope the people you support can freeze garlic, and look forward to the country getting better and better , we need national consensus, not ethnic division."

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Afterwards, Di Zhiwei also shared in the comment area, "The head of the village has been broadcasting, asking everyone to vote enthusiastically, so we can know how many people did not vote."

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