The Selection Committee of the Simba club today November 26, 2022 has announced the date of the club's election as 29 January 2023.

The positions contested in the election are the chairman, and five members of the board of directors.

The exercise of taking and returning forms will start from December 5 to 19 at the club's offices located in Masaki City in Dar Es Salaam.

Speaking to journalists, the chairman of the committee, Boniface Lyamwike has mentioned the criteria for anyone who wants the chairmanship of Simba must have a degree.

"Anyone who is running for the position of club chairman must have at least a university degree and must have the ability and personality to represent the club locally and abroad" said Lyamwike

He has mentioned another criterion for the candidate for the position of board member that he must have reached the fourth form with graduation certificates, another criterion is that he has at least three years of experience in football leadership.

"Otherwise he must never have been convicted of a criminal offense, but he must also be at least 25 years old and no more than 64 years old, but he must also not be the owner, shareholder or leader of another football team."

has added.