Pharmacists remind that before using antihistamines, some people must be instructed by a physician or pharmacist before using them to avoid health risks; the picture shows the situation.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Whenever an allergic reaction occurs, many people will take antihistamines immediately.

However, pharmacist Guo Jianhong reminded that before using antihistamines, some people must be instructed by a doctor or pharmacist before using them, so as to avoid health risks, such as pregnancy, enlarged prostate, dysuria, glaucoma, high blood pressure, and heart, liver, and kidney. A poorly functioning person.

In addition, if breastfeeding women take it, a small amount may exist in breast milk, so it is not recommended for breastfeeding women.

And thyroid disease can take.

Overdose in children may cause blurred vision and difficulty urinating

Guo Jianhong pointed out that the common side effects of antihistamines include drowsiness and lack of concentration. Therefore, no matter when driving, cycling, or operating precision instruments or large machinery, antihistamines should not be used to avoid danger.

Some children accidentally drink too much antihistamine syrup, which may cause strong side effects such as blurred vision and difficulty urinating. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the dosage used by children.

In addition, antihistamines should also be avoided with alcohol, fruit juice, grapefruit juice, etc., to avoid interaction.

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Differences between new and old antihistamines are common.

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Select new and old histamine according to the needs of patients

As for the old generation, the new generation of antihistamine which one is better?

Guo Jianhong said that there is no absolute advantage or disadvantage between the old and new generations. Physicians or pharmacists will provide advice based on the needs of patients. For example, the old generation of antihistamines is prone to drowsiness side effects. Physicians may use it to assist allergic patients to achieve sleep-aiding effects.

Therefore, when seeking assistance from professional medical personnel, if you want to avoid the side effects of drowsiness, you can also inform the medical personnel.

The Food and Drug Administration reminds that the use of antihistamine drugs needs to be evaluated by professional medical personnel, and the public should also inform their physical conditions so that doctors and pharmacists can assist in choosing appropriate drugs.

Reprinted from Issue 897 of the Food and Drug Safety Weekly Report of the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Defense and Welfare

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