Olena Zelenska

joined the campaign "16 days of activism against gender-based violence", which is held worldwide from November 25 to December 10.

The purpose of the action is to draw attention to this topic and call for overcoming any manifestations of gender-based violence.

This year, its slogan is "Sensitivity will overcome violence."

In 60 cities and communities throughout Ukraine, mosaics with images of various forms of violence have been installed.

The first lady recorded a video message on this topic and posted it on Instagram.

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"War makes us more hardened, more stable, more resilient. We get used to everyday problems, air worries, we get used to making difficult decisions. But there are some things that you can't get used to even during war. Even more so during war. On the contrary, it is during war that you have to to become many times more attentive to the needs of others, even people we do not know, to their despair. And it is equally important to be attentive to our own problems. We cannot ignore cases of cruelty and abuse, moral or physical pressure, hoping to "somehow endure" them. "You can't close your eyes to what hurts. War is not an excuse for domestic evil," said the president's wife.

Zelenska appeared in the frame in a khaki military-style dress by designer Lilia Litkovska.

Around his neck was a long bow tie of the same color. 

Litkovska created this outfit especially for the first lady.

In it, Olena appeared at a business meeting in Washington.

Zelenska complemented her outfit with neat styling, gentle makeup and her favorite golden rooster earrings.

We will remind you that Zelenska, in a wine-colored dress, took part online in the SCLAN forum within CARICOM, a commonwealth of 20 countries in the region.

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