Non-Governmental Organizations of Azerbaijan held a meeting dedicated to the discussion of France's actions against Azerbaijan.

According to the information given to APA by the NGO Agency, it was noted at the meeting that the Senate of the French Republic, the National Assembly, as well as a number of political circles of this country have come up with open racist, Islamophobic, Turkophobic and Azeriphobic activities at different times.

At the same time, they ignored the fact that the radical Armenian communities operating in France organized attacks on the Embassy of Azerbaijan in Paris, as well as on representatives of the Azerbaijani diaspora living in this country.

The relevant institutions of France did not take necessary measures to prevent these criminal attacks, which contain elements of vandalism and terrorism, and stimulated the threatening actions of the Armenian community.

The participants of the meeting emphasized that the history of France is full of such incomprehensible and inhuman actions.

The facts show that French political circles have not always been loyal to democratic values, humanitarian ideas, and human rights.

It is one of the bitter truths that more than 1.5 million people were killed by the French political circles and army in Algeria during the period of occupation covering the years 1830-1962.

France, which calls itself the "cradle of democracy" in Europe, continues its anti-human actions today, instead of eliminating the mistakes it made in history.

By supporting the policy of occupation carried out by Armenia in the lands of Azerbaijan for nearly 30 years, it makes another mistake.

The tragedies committed by Armenia on the lands of Azerbaijan and the acts of genocide committed by France in Algeria are similar.

The anti-Azerbaijan resolution adopted by the French Senate on November 15, 2022 is not objective and biased, but also violates the bilateral obligations between France and Azerbaijan, especially the "Friendship, Mutual Understanding" signed between Azerbaijan and France on December 20, 1993. and cooperation" contradicts the principles of the agreement.

This is a gross violation of the terms of the contract.

The revelation of the dirty plan of sabotage against Azerbaijan within the framework of the 50th anniversary summit of the International Organization of La Francophonie held on the island of Jabra, Tunisia, shows that the French authorities have a special program based on Islamophobic, Turkophobic and Azeriphobic principles and are trying to implement this program with all their might.

At the end of the meeting, a statement was accepted on behalf of the NGO representatives.

The statement states that "we call on the French parliament and government to show political will to prevent the growing racist, anti-Semitic, Turkophobic and Islamophobic manifestations in the country.

We invite you to adopt a resolution aimed at preventing these situations."