In the opening game of FIFA, the host country Qatar will face Ecuador. Have you decided where to go to watch the game this year, eat meat and drink?

This article takes an inventory of 8 lively sports bars, restaurants, and high-altitude restaurants, so that you can entertain your friends and have a good time.

After four years, the 2022 FIFA World Cup is about to kick off at 00:00 on 11/21 Taiwan time. The opening game will be played by the host country Qatar against Ecuador. Think about where you will go to watch the game this year, eat meat and drink Yet?

This article takes an inventory of 8 lively sports bars, restaurants, and high-altitude restaurants, inviting friends and companions to welcome the World Football Frenzy Night, enjoying the 100-inch big screen broadcast, and having fun until the early morning without continuous electricity.

Squidward Substitution Plays Prediction and Enjoys Good Fortune

To seize the World Cup craze, the Lobby Lounge on the first floor of the Taipei Marriott Hotel launched the "Crazy World Football Carnival Night" from 12/3 to 12/18. In conjunction with the World Football event, the business hours were extended until 2:00 am, and 120 people were set up on the spot. Exciting games are broadcast on the 1-inch super-large screen. During the event, the winning team of the day is predicted, and the winner will have the opportunity to win six bottles of "Heineken Star Silver Beer". A cup of "Draft Beer", serving Wanhao Beef Noodles and Braised Meat Platter all the time.

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In response to the broadcast time of the game, the Lobby Lounge of the Taipei Marriott Hotel will extend its business hours during the game.

The Lobby Lounge of the Taipei Marriott Hotel launched the "Predict the Champion and Draw a Heineken Beer" campaign.

MiraWanEatery, a high-altitude French restaurant located on the 47th floor of Breeze Nanshan, provides a 120-inch projection screen game broadcast at 9:00 p.m. from 11/21 to 12/18. Spend more than 1,000 yuan to play the football guessing game. Guess the winner team, you can Get a free dinner set for two worth 14,000 yuan.

In addition to the "World Football Carnival Platter", "Middle East Spice Kebab", and "World Football Tiramisu" that are suitable for sharing among multiple people, there are also "French Caramel Brulee", "Spanish Sanger" for meals. Leah" and other World Cup special tunes.

Watch the World Cup at MiraWan Eatery French restaurant, accompanied by the beautiful scenery of Taipei.

(Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

MiraWan Eatery's high-altitude French restaurant dessert "World Football Tiramisu", made of green turf made of Japanese Oyama Garden Matcha, a serving of 489 yuan can be shared by 4 people.

(Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

YouTuber, live broadcaster fights popular sports bar PK to play games

The most popular sports bar on the Internet, "Golden Sanmai", has always been highly respected for its 200-inch super-large projection screen. This year, a well-known YouTuber special correspondent was invited to live broadcast the game in Qatar, allowing fans to experience the immersive cry Voice.

It is the first time to cooperate with 17LIVE. During the top 4 matches, 8 popular live broadcast hosts will be turned into football girls, and they will play interactive games and guess prizes on the spot. They will also give away limited adidas peripherals, free classic platters, and half-price beer for half a year, etc. Great gift!

Take out the classic large platter and enjoy a half-price discount on the second bottle of 1L craft beer. Consumers who guess the winning team in advance can get a 350c.c. craft beer exchange coupon for free.

On 12/17 and 18, on the two days of the championship, runner-up and third-place competition, tickets for the game will be sold at the designated stores of Golden Sammai. You can enjoy the combination of classic pepper chicken, fried food, and 500c.c. beer. The early bird price is 888 yuan.

Starting from the round of 16, participate in the Prediction King activity with Golden Sanmai internal consumption, and if you guess the winning team of the day, you can get

a 350c.c internal consumption glass beer exchange coupon.

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Watching the game from high altitude, drinking co-branded beer, carnival electronic music party

SEA TO SKY Bar, known as the highest top-floor bar at Taipei MRT Shifu Station, has launched a special joint event with Taihu Brewing from 11/21 to 12/18. You can enjoy unlimited drinking of Taihu draft beer, red and white wine, and invite enthusiastic fans to join in the city The highest bar on the top floor of Fu Station, to participate in the grand event with international competitions, drink freely, enjoy the "Global World Platter", and eat "Brazilian Stewed Beef Belly", "German Roasted Pig's Knuckle", "Korean Fried Chicken" and other delicacies in one plate , While watching the game, you can also enjoy the superb night view of Taipei 101!

SEA TO SKY Bar, the highest top-floor bar at Taipei MRT Shifu Station, is located on the 47th floor, where you can enjoy the night view of Taipei 101 at the same time.

The entrance fee to SEA TO SKY Bar is 400 yuan on weekdays and 550 yuan on holidays; additional purchases on weekdays are 1,280 yuan per person, and you can enjoy unlimited drinking of Taihu draft beer and limited edition red and white wine.

Pier No.1, the most famous high-altitude open-air bar on the top floor of Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung, launched a 12-day high-altitude football event from 11/29. From 10:00 p.m., a professional DJ will bring a one-hour hot music performance. A projection wall broadcasts the real-time highlights of the game, unlimited supply of Burke Gold beer, and the Berke Gold Girls dance and have fun. In addition, the World Cup-limited "American Hot Dog Burger", "Mexican Crunch Salsa", "German Sausage Cheese Pancakes", "Argentine Fried Calamari", "French Salty Pie" and other exotic delicacies.

Kaohsiung Indigo Pier No.1 set up an outdoor 500-inch huge projection wall to broadcast real-time highlights of the game.

American Platter, Texas Fresh-cut Steak and Live Events are the best match

Harmony Hotel Kaohsiung Zhongshan, in order to give back to many friends who love the World Cup and gourmet food, from 11/20 to December 18, launched the Fried Meat Platter Set of the Harmony World Football Game, where you can enjoy a variety of classic American dishes such as spiced chicken wings and French fries , with two cans of refreshing beer, let the atmosphere to the highest point; from 11/22 to 11/28, set up a large-scale projection screen Live live broadcast at the Cozzi THE Roof restaurant for a limited time of 7 days, allowing fans to enjoy the thrill of being in the Qatar stadium.

Coziness Hotel Kaohsiung Zhongshan Branch "World Cup Special Fried Food Platter Set", 418 yuan per serving, you can enjoy a variety of American classic dishes such as spiced chicken wings, French fries, and two cans of refreshing beer.

The two major American catering brands under the Catering Group——TGI FRIDAYS and Texas Roadhouse Texas Fresh-cut Steaks launched the "Fan Support Sharing Meal" and "Blood Champion Package" respectively from 11/21 to 12/18, and the entire Taiwan store broadcast the whole process For the wonderful event, the public is invited to enjoy delicious food, support with enthusiasm, and witness the decisive moment.

TGI FRIDAYS "Fan Support Sharing Meal" can choose three appetizers, combined with exclusive homemade platter, with 4 bottles of Longdong lager beer carnival; Texas Roadhouse Texas fresh cut steak "Hot Blood Champion Package", the main Luthers platter + Longdong 4 bottles of cellared beer, popular fried food goes best with beer!

TGI FRIDAYS "Fan Support Sharing Meal", a self-selected appetizer set + 4 bottles of Longdong cellar beer, a discounted price of 1,050 yuan.

Texas Roadhouse Texas Fresh Cut Steak "Hot Blood Champion Package", Luthers Platter + 4 bottles of Longdong Cellar Beer, a discounted price of 1,020 yuan.

Photo courtesy of Taipei Marriott Hotel, SEA TO SKY Bar, MiraWan Eatery, Harmony Hotel Kaohsiung Zhongshan, Hotel Indigo Kaohsiung, Development Catering Group, Golden Sammai

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