Crying bride sings for ex-boyfriend

New Delhi :

Wedding day is special for any girl or boy.

People wait eagerly for this day.

But just imagine what will happen if you start thinking of your ex-boyfriend before marriage.

By the way, this does not happen mostly.

But after watching a viral video on social media, you will hold your head.

In this video you can see a bride singing a song for her ex boyfriend in front of her husband.

The funny thing is that the newlywed bride sings a song for her ex and the poor husband just stares at her.

The reaction of the groom has surprised everyone.

This video has been shared on many different channels on YouTube.

In the video you can see that a girl is sitting dressed as a bride.

In the video, she says that she has to sing a song for her ex.

When asked the name of X, the girl says, "I cannot take the name of X, he will become infamous".

After this, the girl starts singing the song 'Jeethi Thi Jiske Liye' from Ajay Devgan's film.

The groom standing nearby just keeps watching this very strange act of the bride.

The groom also looks confused as to what is happening with him.

Very funny reactions of people are coming on this video on social media.

Commenting on the video, a user has written, 'O brother kill me'.

So another has written, 'Look at the reaction of the poor groom'.

At the same time, another user has written, 'Why hasn't the groom gone till now?

It seems that a lot of dowry has been received.

So how did you like this funny video?

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