Zeng Zhiqiao is wearing a pretty white short dress, with bags and thick-soled boots from the ambassador's selection series to create a fashionable look.

Zeng Zhiqiao wears: Ally grabs crepe soft bag, 1,890 yuan, spliced ​​thick-soled sock boots, 2,690 yuan.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yikuan)

Zeng Zhiqiao was invited to be the first Taiwan brand ambassador of CHARLES & KEITH, and launched a CHARLES & KEITH×CHIAO CHIAO TZENG ambassador selection series, including 5 bags and 3 pairs of shoes, all selected by Zeng Zhiqiao himself, recalling that the brand took 30 pairs of shoes , Nearly 50 bags let her choose the style she likes. She boasts that there is no barrier to choice, and she immediately locks in the items that are most suitable for women in her mind. She said: "The standard I choose is to be fashionable and practical."

Ambassador Selection Series, Celia bag, 2,590 yuan.

The color of the ambassador selection series comes from Zeng Zhiqiao's favorite plant "green". She revealed that she would talk to trees, animals or the sky in the park. problem."

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Ambassador Selection Series, Long Envelope Crossbody Bag (with Bluetooth Earphone Cover), 1,890 RMB.

The main color of the series deliberately chooses the calm color "Fog Forest Green" to reflect the state of mind. Zeng Zhiqiao believes that in life, one should know how to live with one's own emotions, and there is no need to pretend to be happy, so the green with a little black and gray is close to a bit mysterious of myself.

Zeng Zhiqiao recently chose to wear Carlisle buckle thick-soled ankle boots from the CHARLES & KEITH 2022 autumn and winter series to compete in Paris Fashion Week, 3,790 yuan.

In the ambassador selection series launched in cooperation with CHARLES & KEITH, Zeng Zhiqiao is the first to launch spliced ​​thick-soled sock boots. The thick-soled design can create a slender visual effect and is more comfortable than high-heeled shoes. For bags, we recommend soft crepe bags, which are practical and fashionable, even though they are small bags. It can store mobile phones, lipsticks, wallets and other small items.

The ambassador selection series will go on sale on November 17th, which is Zeng Zhiqiao's birthday. When asked, what will your husband Chen Yiru say?

Zeng Zhiqiao said with a smile, "Let's chat longer via video chat."

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