Female teacher shows how to eat "bats", apologizes to everyone who disappoints.

admit too little

What do you do unconsciously?

Very sorry about the incident.

Confirm won't do it again

from the case of a female teacher, the owner of a famous fan page

Has made content to eat "bats" until it has become an issue that has been heavily criticized in the online world.

Until being charged by the police at Phon Na Kaeo Police Station, Sakon Nakhon Province

under the Computer Crime Act and the Wildlife Preservation and Protection Act

Possession of protected wildlife carcasses

Most recently, on November 10, 2022, the aforementioned young teacher

Has come out to post an apology clip via Facebook fan page

with the message that

"I'm sorry.

that I think too little

What do you do unconsciously?

I'm sorry for disappointing you and losing your feelings in me.

What I've done is something I shouldn't have done.

And I'm very sorry about the incident.

I won't let it happen again. I'm very sorry."

in the clip

also stated that

"First of all, I'd like to apologize to all the agencies, apologize to society, apologize to the doctor, and apologize to all the fans and family.

I'm sorry for my insanity and my low thinking. I'm very sorry for doing that. I won't do that again.

and will not let this happen again".