On the Internet, there was a slap in Guan Zhilin's coffee, but Xiang Tai denied it.

(File photo, photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

[Reporter Xu Yuwen/Taipei Report] 63-year-old "Xiang Tai" Chen Lan married "Long Wu" Xiang Huaqiang at the age of 21. She has a net worth of hundreds of millions and is very noble.

Xiang Tai recently refuted the rumor in Xiaohongshu, talking about the rumors on the Internet that she had splashed Guan Zhilin coffee and slapped her. Xiang Tai also denied this, saying that if she wrote nonsense again from the media, she would send a lawyer's letter to file a lawsuit.

Xiang Tai said that she had a 38-year relationship with Rosamund Kwan. These false rumors almost ruined their friendship. She said, "Fortunately, our friendship is a big ship, not a small paper ship, and it is not easy to be overturned."

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Xiang Tai expressed that she has a good relationship with Guan Zhilin.

(Photo taken from Xiaohongshu)

As for the rumors that Guan Zhilin intervened in her marriage with Xiang Huaqiang, it was found out that the negotiation could not be achieved, and she was splashed with coffee and slapped. Xiang Taiye said that she had seen these articles and videos, and she also privately messaged the sender and asked to delete it. Inaccurate remarks will be deleted accordingly.

Xiang Tai pointed out: "I have really been good friends with Rosamund Kwan for 38 years. How old is my son, we have known each other for as long as we can. We are good friends who talk about everything." He hoped that the outside world would stop slandering Rosamund Kwan with her and her husband. relation.

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