Rosamund Kwan was caught in the wild in Central, Hong Kong.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

[Reporter Lin Nangu/Comprehensive Report] Hong Kong star Guan Zhilinfu celebrated her 60th birthday on September 24. Since entering the industry, she has been named "the first beauty in Hong Kong" by the outside world. Recently, she was wildly caught by Hong Kong people in Central, and her temperament remains the same.

Guan Zhilin, who has just passed her 60th birthday, still maintains a good figure and a frozen age appearance.

(Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily)

On the same day, Guan Zhilin, dressed in a dark elegant suit and with neat short hair, stood alone on the street in Central waiting for the traffic lights, with no one to accompany her. Standing quietly and letting the people take pictures, she was very talented, and the witnesses left a surprise message: "She is really very temperamental, and she was born to be a big star."

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