Yangming Spring‧Vegetable Club-New Fried Fish Fillet Submarine Fort.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Global warming and the outbreak of the epidemic have raised health awareness. The explosive growth of Taiwan's vegetarian population has exceeded the 3.3 million mark, accounting for the second largest proportion of the world's vegetarian population. Asian plant-based meat pioneer OMNI has introduced "new seafood" to Taiwan. Shop through channels and cook innovative home-made seafood dishes. The Michelin-starred chef of Yangming Spring has also launched new dishes such as new fish fries and chips with black truffle sauce, and new fried fish fillet submarine burgers, to satisfy the taste buds without burden.

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OMNI's new seafood "plant"-like delicacy comes out again

Newly launched six 100% plant-made "OMNI New Seafood" products, namely new tuna, new crab cakes, new fish fillet, new fried fish fillet, new fish burger and new fish sticks, mainly made from non-GMO soybeans Made of plant protein, the product features are mainly made of pure plants, do not contain five cinnamon, and can avoid the doubts of marine heavy metals and seafood contaminants exceeding the standard residue, so that vegetable eaters or seafood lovers can enjoy the delicious taste comparable to real seafood, and new seafood also The main focus is convenient cooking, such as OMNI new tuna can be canned at room temperature and can be eaten immediately, adding simple seasoning can quickly make sandwiches, rice balls and salads.

OMNI new tuna a can of 89 yuan, OMNI new crab cakes 5 pieces / 259 yuan, OMNI new fish fillet 4 pieces / 179 yuan.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Yangming Spring 7 New Seafood Dishes with Michelin Green Stars

Having won the Michelin Green Star for two consecutive years, Yang Ming Spring is committed to promoting vegetable and sustainable diets. Yang Ming Spring’s chef Xue Yonghong specially selected OMNI’s new seafood products and created 7 dishes himself, including Italian-style oil and vinegar new fish steak salad, mustard seeds New Tuna Quinoa Salad with Sauce, New Fish and Chips with Black Truffle Sauce, New Fish Fillet Submariner, New Seafood Assortment, New Fish Fillet Seashell Noodles with Red Sauce, New Fish Fries Reading Vegetable Box, Now Available It can start in the spring of Yangming.

Reading vegetables will taste.

Xue Yonghong, head chef of Yangming Spring, won two Michelin Green Star awards.

(Photo / provided by OMNI)

Yangming Spring‧Vegetable Club uses new seafood to make "New Tuna Quinoa Salad with Mustard Seed Dressing".

(Photo/Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

In addition, Yangming Spring launched "Blue Sea" in Xinwuyi Cultural and Creative Park (Yangming Store), and the meal uses OMNI's new tuna as the cold dish of the classic set menu.

Whether it's fried fish steaks, fish sticks, or tuna salad served with refreshing vegetables, the taste is super similar to real seafood!

Yangming Spring Heart Five Arts Cultural and Creative Park uses new seafood to make "Côte d'Azur" appetizers.

(Photo/Photo by reporter Guo Xuanxuan)

Popular restaurants in Taiwan responded enthusiastically to Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut will launch the plant-based crispy and tender fish fillet in mid-November, paired with Mexican spicy sauce. The crispy and tender fish fillet will use OMNI's new fried fish sticks, which is crispy and delicious. It is a popular non-staple food for parties.

In addition, the popular restaurant "Golden Sanmai" uses a variety of OMNI's new seafood ingredients. In early December, it will launch red-fried crab cakes with wine and vinegar, crispy Sichuan spicy fish fillets, simmering vinegar-roasted fish, and Guanghe Century Vegetable Fish Burger, etc. Multi-course meals.

Pizza Hut - Plant-based crispy and tender fish fillet.


(Photo / provided by OMNI)

From now on, Taipei's innovative Asian vegetable food "Chao Stir-fried Vegetables Hot Stir-Fry", Taipei vegetable Japanese restaurant "Want to Eat Ice", and Hong Kong-style restaurant "Gung Lok" can also taste the new seafood and curry. Rice, or a new way to eat spicy fish fillet in a spicy casserole!

Chao Fried Vegetables Hot Fried - Spicy Fish Fillet in Casserole.

(Photo / provided by OMNI)

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