The mechanical watches of the Japanese watch brand CITIZEN cover the entry-level Mechanical series and the high-end The CITIZEN series. Last year, the Series 8 series was released for the first time. It is positioned as a mid-priced advanced series at a price of around 50,000, making the price of CITIZEN mechanical watches more affordable. To complete and celebrate the first anniversary of the Series 8, CITIZEN launched a new color dial, so watch fans have more choices.

The Series 8 series combines the most popular sports fashion with subtractive aesthetics to create a smooth and simple appearance. It can be worn whether it is formal or casual. The new model continues the spirit of modern and minimalist fashion, and is equipped with a new development by CITIZEN. , The anti-magnetic mechanical movements 0950 and 9051 comply with the Japanese JIS 2 specification, and the accuracy and stability are upgraded.

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CITIZEN Series 8 series NA1025-10E watch, equipped with 0950 self-winding movement, power reserve of 50 hours, 69,800 yuan, limited to 30 pieces in Taiwan.

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One of the first anniversary limited edition NA1025-10E watch shows "strong" and "brave" with an all-black case and dial. The black carbon fiber dial presents irregular lines, and the all-black stainless steel case is made by Duratect DLC technology, exudes a delicate luster, the see-through back cover is a new highlight of the Series 8 diamagnetic mechanical watch, the back cover glass is printed with the words 1st Anniversary LIMITED EDITION to add value to the collection, and the beauty of the 0950 movement can be seen at a glance .

The words 1st Anniversary LIMITED EDITION are printed on the back cover glass, and you can appreciate the beauty of the movement.

CITIZEN spokesperson Peng Zhengmin wears the CITIZEN Series 8 NA1025-10E watch.

Another blue dial NB6010-81L is equipped with a 9051 antimagnetic mechanical movement, which also meets the antimagnetic standard of JIS 2. The three-dimensional structure formed from the dial, case, crown, and bezel stacked up shows Japanese craftsmanship Details, the dark blue dial sets off the neatness and legibility of the silver-white hands, and also gives the watch a sense of urban gentleman as a whole.

CITIZEN Series 8 831 NB6010-81L watch, equipped with 9051 self-winding movement, power reserve of 42 hours, 35,000 yuan.

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