Schematic diagram of the ITF Taipei International Tourism Exhibition Cultural Center.

(Provided by the Ministry of Culture)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] "2022 ITF Taipei International Travel Fair" will be held at Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from November 4th to 7th. Based on a cultural tourism demonstration route, expand cooperation with the travel industry, and launch 28 recommended cultural tourism itineraries. Provide the public with travel options with rich cultural connotations.

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(Provided by the Ministry of Culture)

According to the Ministry of Culture, the recommended itinerary includes Taiwan's potential world heritage sites, cultural assets, multi-ethnic culture, exhibition culture, museums, craft culture, festival culture, etc. The route includes 22 counties and cities.

Among them, there are many routes that epitomize the history of the real estate industry or ethnic groups, including the historical tour of Shuangjin Mining in Ruifang, Houtong and Jiufen by riding and reading; connecting the history of Tangtie, Yantian and Shuizhen in Jianan area In-depth tour; there is also a journey through the old and new Ahou City at the foot of Dawu Mountain in Pingtung, to learn about the life trajectories of Hakka, aborigines, military villages and new residents; and a 4-day children's camp in the museum suitable for primary school students to make puppets and make up The story performances are wonderful and rich in content, encouraging the public to take an in-depth cultural journey together.

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Houtong Tunnel Group.

(Provided by the Ministry of Culture)

The Ministry of Culture pointed out that it is the first time this year to hold a collection of cultural tourism itineraries to collect cultural themed attractions from all over Taiwan. It will continue to cooperate with travel operators and local cultural groups to invite the public to experience more of Taiwan's cultural charm with special themed attractions.

During the exhibition, the public can purchase recommended itineraries for cultural tourism at a limited price. There are also exhibition hall stamp collection activities, LINE travel online stamp collection, craft DIY experience and cultural special performances, as well as various themed gifts.

For relevant travel information, you can check the website of the Ministry of Culture on the Cultural Road (

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