The nutritionist said that macrospheric anemia and pernicious anemia are usually related to the lack of folic acid and vitamin B12, and it is recommended to eat meat and dairy products to supplement vitamin B12; the picture shows a situational photo.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Many people are pale or have dark circles under the eyes due to anemia, which makes their complexion always look bad, and are very troubled by this. In this regard, nutritionist Cai Canyu said that iron deficiency anemia is related to People with glomerular anemia should supplement more iron, and take it with vegetables and fruits containing vitamin C to improve the absorption rate of iron. If it is thalassemia, it is not recommended to supplement iron, but it can strengthen the supplement of folic acid. For global anemia and pernicious anemia, folic acid and vitamin B12 should be supplemented.

Cai Canyu shared on the Facebook page "Food Shangwanmei-Hane Nutritionist" that people with different types of anemia should supplement the nutrients they need. Anemia (thalassemia), macrospheric anemia and pernicious anemia which foods need to be supplemented.

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Iron deficiency anemia and glomerular anemia

Cai Canyu pointed out that in addition to eating more red meat, appropriate amount of internal organs, dark green vegetables and other iron supplements, iron supplements can also be supplemented according to the severity. At the same time, taking it with vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C can improve the absorption of iron. Rate.

In addition, some patients with iron-deficiency anemia will also be accompanied by relatively small red blood cells, so they can strengthen the supplement of vitamin B6. Food sources include meat, wheat germ, bananas, avocados, etc.

Thalassemia (thalassemia)

Cai Canyu said that due to congenital factors, it is easier to hemolysis, and iron is more easily released to cause iron deposition. In severe cases, iron injections are required. Therefore, it is not recommended to supplement iron, but folic acid supplementation can be strengthened.

She reminded that most of the common blood-enriching herbs or foods on the market are high in iron. Therefore, people with thalassemia should be especially careful. It is also recommended to replace the multivitamins in female formulas with ordinary ones.

Macrospheric anemia and pernicious anemia

Cai Canyu said that this type of anemia is usually related to the lack of folic acid and vitamin B12, which causes cells to fail to differentiate normally and produce red blood cells larger than normal. It is recommended to strengthen folic acid from dark green vegetables, beans and mushrooms, while vitamin B12 is mainly It comes from animal foods, including offal, shellfish, meat and dairy products, etc. Plant-based sources are relatively few, among which mushrooms and algae are relatively abundant. Therefore, "pernicious anemia" caused by long-term vegetarians or gastrectomy patients should be additionally Supplement with vitamin B12.

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