It was not the first time that Camilla rested in this place, but for the first time an unpleasant situation happened to her on the way home to Great Britain.

Queen Camilla / Photo: Getty Images

A British Airways plane carrying the Queen Consort, en route from India to London on Friday, was damaged after an in-flight collision with a bird, it has emerged.

But, fortunately, it did not cause a tragedy, writes People.

Although Queen Camilla, 75, travels the world on royal business, she is said to be afraid of flying.

Also, according to royal rules, several heirs to the British throne cannot fly together on the same flight.

Thus, King Charles III cannot fly on the same plane with his son William, and Prince William cannot fly with his son Prince George.

King Charles III and Prince William / Photo: Associated Press

And although William and Kate often break this rule and fly, both on planes and not helicopters, with the whole family, the late Queen Elizabeth was always worried about this and asked her grandson not to do so.

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