For those who return the cultural relics stored in the Forbidden City "Lanqianshan Pavilion", the Forbidden City provides 5 points of explanation.

(Photo taken from the official website of the Forbidden City)

[Reporter Ling Meixue/Taipei Report] Chen Xuesheng, the convener of the Education, Culture and Sports Group of the Kuomintang think tank, pointed out today (29) that the dean of the Forbidden City, Wu Micha, decided not to renew the contract of the "Lanqianshan Museum", which would damage the integrity of the Forbidden City. and reputation.

In this regard, the Forbidden City statement pointed out that the relevant storage operations are handled in accordance with the collection method of collections. Whether the contract is renewed or not is negotiated by the Forbidden City and the depositor. The wishes and privacy of the owners of the batch of cultural relics deposited.

The statement from the Palace Museum reads as follows:

1. The cultural relics of the Lanqianshan Museum are privately owned, and the related storage operations shall be handled by the Academy in accordance with Articles 14-19 of the "Measures for the Collection of Collections of the National Palace Museum".

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2. The storage space of the hospital is limited, and the storage of its own cultural relics has become very narrow. It is not suitable to provide private storage for free for many years, consuming the resources of the Forbidden City for storage and maintenance, and crowding out various resources of its own cultural relics.

If there is a need for curation, in recent years, it has been handled by borrowing exhibitions and joint curation.

3. After the contracts for depositing the cultural relics expired, the hospital has notified several depositors to retrieve the cultural relics. The "Lanqianshan Museum" is not a special case.

If the depositor is willing to donate after being notified, the collection collection procedure will be initiated for review.

4. Whether or not to renew the contract shall be negotiated by the Forbidden City and the depositor, and shall be decided upon mutual agreement.

In accordance with Article 18 of the "Measures for Collection of Collections of the National Palace Museum", the Department of the Academy says that the term of deposit shall not be less than 5 years. However, after the expiration of the term, it may be extended by mutual consent. During the period, the depositor shall not take out the deposited items; however, for special reasons, a separate case may be signed. If the depositary period expires, if the court no longer accepts the deposit, the depositor will be requested to retrieve the original.

5. Some media disclosed the relevant statement of the owner of the cultural relics in the "Lanqianshan Museum", and believed that according to this statement, the cultural relics should be "permanently kept in the Forbidden City". It does not match, and calls on the outside world to respect the wishes and privacy of the owners of the batch of cultural relics deposited.

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