Although the border is open, most people are still unable to arrange their trip abroad due to work, family and other factors. Japan has always been a favorite tourist destination for Chinese people. Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xinyi Xintiandi will hold a Japanese product exhibition at the same time during the opening of the anniversary. 5,000 get 5,000 skm points discount, and it was well received as soon as the sale started, and the crowd exceeded 60,000 in the first four days.

The popular dessert shop "RAGUNEAU" in Aomori Prefecture, Japan, custard cake (apple) 4pcs/310 yuan.

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Group has created the "TASTE JAPAN" store for the first time this year. It collects century-old classics and popular Japanese souvenirs from Tokyo, Kyoto, Hokkaido, Okinawa and other regions.

Among them, the five famous stores from Kyoto, Kanazawa, and Nagasaki are the most popular souvenirs, and their performance has increased by 10%. For example, the famous Japanese royal family's god-level store "Toraya" has launched the seasonally limited "Medium-sized Yokan Teriyaki", and Hermes, known as the world of senbei Wang Sagano, known as "Kokura Mountain Villa", and "Wujian" silky chicken gold leaf cake sprinkled with edible gold leaf are all very popular items. The long-established confectionary house "Ito Xuan" cross-border joint SOU .SOU, launched dozens of cocoa biscuits and chicken cakes, and the super cute shapes also attracted many people to buy.

PRESS BUTTER SAND caramel cream sandwich biscuits (white chocolate) 9 into / 790 yuan.

In addition, not to be missed for dessert lovers are the coffee cake "Sanfang Six Years Cake", which sells 10,000 pieces per day and is slightly sweet and slightly bitter, the flowing chocolate cake "Chocolate Basque Cheesecake", which was discussed on Internet treasure, and cheese cake. The must-buy "Elongated Cheese Cake", rich cheese with the soft and glutinous taste of mochi, makes people take one bite after another.

Let's take a look at the most popular souvenirs from Shin Kong Mitsukoshi Xintiandi since the start of sales in Japan.

[Top 5 God-level Souvenirs of the Five Old Shops]

"Tiger House" medium-shaped yokan photo red leaves 330g/900 yuan, exclusive in Taiwan.

"Kokura Mountain Villa" Kokura Mountain Spring and Autumn 20 admission / 950 yuan, exclusive in Taiwan.

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"Wujian" Silkie Chicken Gold Foil Cake is 900 yuan, exclusive in Taiwan.

"Ito Xuan/SOU·SOU" SO-SU-U dozens of cocoa biscuits 80g/385 yuan, exclusive in Taiwan.

"Fukushaya" Nagasaki Cake No. 0.6 is 600 yuan.

"Toraya" medium-shaped yokan photo maple leaves 330g/900 yuan.

"Kokura Mountain Villa" Kokura Mountain Spring and Autumn 20 admission / 950 yuan.

"Wujian" Silkie Chicken Gold Foil Cake 900 yuan, exclusive in Taiwan

"Ito Xuan/SOU·SOU" SO-SU-U dozens of cocoa biscuits 80g/385 yuan.

"Fukushaya" Nagasaki Cake No. 0.6 is 600 yuan.

【TASTE JAPAN Souvenirs TOP5】

TOP1: 3,600 RMB for Das Festival Classic Gift Box, exclusive to A11.

TOP2: Chocolate Basque cheesecake 799 yuan.

TOP3: Three-party six-year round cake (coffee) 499 yuan.

TOP4: Lengthened cheese cake 550 yuan.

TOP5: Sail shell gift box, special price 1,800 yuan / box.

みれい Fruit Chocolate Basque Cheesecake 799 yuan.

Three-party six-year round cake (coffee) 499 yuan.

Waraku Church stretch cheese cake 550 yuan.

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