Fukuhara Ai shared new photos and felt that her skin had improved recently.

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[Reporter Chen Huiling/Taipei Report] Jiang Hongjie attended the Golden Bell Awards ceremony last week. Although he failed to win the award, he was selected as the top three red carpet handsome by many media, which is also considered consolation.

In fact, the high-quality Jiang Hongjie has been selected by the manufacturer as the spokesperson for skin care products. Now his ex-wife Ai Fukuhara is also here to "sell her face" and share her "watery" maintenance secrets.

The high-quality Jiang Hongjie is favored by manufacturers and acts as a spokesperson for skin care products.

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Fukuhara Aijin (25) days po posted a new photo and said: "I feel that my skin is getting better and better recently (smell it!) I summed up a little bit of my skin care experience."

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Ai Fukuhara said: "1. Exercise more. Exercise accelerates metabolism, and sweating is good for skin and body. 2. Drink plenty of water. Try to 8 glasses of water a day! Promote internal circulation. 3. Choose cleaning products that suit you, choose Skin-friendly and soft toiletries. 4. Improve sleep quality, stick to sun exposure, and you will sleep soundly at night!”

It turned out that Ai Fukuhara also helped the product "Yepei" to introduce a certain type of face towel that has been commonly used recently.

She also shouted to fans: "The easiest way is also the most effective way, let's persevere together and be more beautiful together!"

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