Xie Hexian was excluded from the candidacy.

(File photo, photo by reporter Wang Wenlin)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Xie Hexian announced a few days ago that he would run for the Wanhua and Zhongzheng District Councils of Taipei City, but he was sentenced to 4 months in prison for violating the drug harm prevention regulations. , and then posted a letter of appointment for administrative litigation and an administrative objection on Facebook po on the 17th, saying that he would go to the Taipei High Administrative Court to file a petition, but the petition was rejected by Beigaohang yesterday (19th).

Xie Hexian also wrote down his thoughts on Facebook today (20th).

Xie Hexian wrote on the community, "The thing I regret the most in my life is to see Senior Sister Huang Jingying help Ke Wenzhe in the election. As a result, after he has power now, his head has changed, and he is too embarrassed to be there Mostly Taiwanese people, they are disgusting, they are too embarrassed to say that they are a doctor, and they dare not even mention the issue of medical marijuana.”

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Xie Hexian said angrily, "When I grew up, I didn't know until I went out of society that the law is really used to protect the powerful and rich." The words revealed all kinds of helplessness, and thanked Su Huanzhi, who has always helped, and named him "" "Thousand-yuan lawyer", it turns out that Su Huanzhi did not charge him a dime from the lawsuit until now, the only one who only charged him a thousand yuan for the referee's fee.

Xie Hexian also said: "I didn't talk to me about money from beginning to end. They taught me to understand the laws, understand the constitution, and support the legalization of marijuana. Young people's voices can be heard without clapping the table." He also announced that he would join Su Huanzhi's staff team to support him.

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