[Reporter Zhong Zhikai/Taipei Report] Senior matchmaker Zhou Yukuo recently posted a PO photo to go to Japan for free travel. She arrived at Kansai Airport, and she has also done PCR, and filled out the My SOS information. The journey was quite pleasant. In the picture, one foot stepped on the pedal and posted amazing photos of hot legs.

Zhou Yukou showed a small leg.

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Zhou Yukou visited Kyoto Orange College, the focus of National Day playing, and the playing club was named "Orange Devil". She wore a coat, hat and mask, as well as gloves and cropped trousers and sneakers. She was riding a red fold. She dressed up carefully Said: "Kyoto does not have Ubike, renting a bicycle is also beautiful!" Netizens said, "Sister is so thin! Those legs are too large", "The little girl is spinning in Kyoto", and they called her a little sister. .

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