[Reporter Li Shaoling/Taipei Report] The TV drama "Meng Po Inn" produced by Tang Meiyun was shortlisted for the 57th Golden Bell Most Promising Newcomer Award, Styling Design Award, Visual Effects Award, and Program Innovation Award. She leads the lead actor Wu Dingqian and actor Cai Zhennan, Zhang Shuyu and other behind-the-scenes personnel attended the press conference and shared the glory together.

The TV drama "Meng Po Inn" produced by Tang Meiyun was shortlisted for many awards in the 57th Golden Bell.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Tang Meiyun appeared thin, and the interview revealed that her mother Tang Bingsen passed away in April. During this period, she lost nearly 9 kilograms, but because she had to juggle performances, speeches and other work, the staff beside her worried about her lack of physical strength and stared at her every day to eat enough She was only allowed to eat after 4 meals. Later, she gained 2 kilograms of meat. She is now 161 cm tall and weighs only 52 kilograms.

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Tang Meiyun experienced her mother's mourning in April, and today she has lost a lot of weight.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

"Meng Po Inn" has been in preparation for 4 years and spent 110 million to build it, leaving Tang Meiyun heavily in debt. She admitted that she still has more than 30 million to repay. However, after being shortlisted for the Golden Bell 4 Award this time, she especially went to her mother's spiritual position to announce the good news, thank her mother "Many elders may feel that this daughter is such a loser. 110 million is an astronomical amount for me and my mother, and my mother supports me in doing the opera." She said that after the show was broadcast last year, my mother was finally able to Understanding why she was so persistent and spent so much money, she said with gratitude, "Thank you mom for accompanying me all the way. During the filming of "Meng Po", she didn't use lessons to remind me, she was gentle and encouraging to me, Because she couldn't bear it, she became my biggest support force."

"Meng Po Inn" Jin Zhong was shortlisted for the dinner party, (from left) Wu Dingqian, Tang Meiyun, Cai Zhennan, Zhang Shuyu.

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

The jewel in Tang Meiyun's heart is Cai Zhennan, who plays the inn maintenance cleaner in the play, because the other party supported her all the way, "His support is to use his way to care for you, although it is scolding, but I am very grateful for his support all the way. , I am also very grateful to Brother Wu Nianzhen, who has made a lot of efforts in the pre-production of this drama. During the process, other directors Ke Yizheng, Wu Dingqian and Li Zhong were very brain-burning; the chief screenwriter Chen Jianxing also led the team to create a very good and good work; very I am moved to gather such a great team this time, and everyone has a great memory.”

Zhang Shuyu was shortlisted for this year's Newcomer Award for "Meng Po Inn".

(Photo by reporter Pan Shaotang)

Zhang Shuyu was shortlisted for the Newcomer Award. He said that his scalp felt numb when he was shortlisted. For more than 10 years, he had always wanted to give up. This time he was shortlisted, and he was very happy that he didn't lose Tang Meiyun's face.

Next, I will strengthen my exercise, practice my body lines, and maybe somersault into the red carpet.

Huang Wenying, who was shortlisted for the Costume Styling Award, said that the epidemic began when the epidemic was the most severe. At that time, all the board players in Dadaocheng were also called. Thank you to everyone in Sister Meiyun's cast for wearing the costumes tailored for the characters. new heights.

Since the broadcast of "Meng Po Inn", the producer Tang Meiyun hopes to remind everyone to grasp the moment and continue to convey warmth through the plot.

Xu Niantai, executive vice president of FTV, said that Tang Meiyun planned "Meng Po Inn" very seriously. She was afraid that it would be a very serious subject, but she didn't expect Tang Meiyun to show great determination as a producer, which moved the company very much, but also opened up Tang Meiyun's life experience. What moved him the most during the hard work was seeing that Tang Meiyun's team were all young friends, and he was even more sure of the significance of Tang Meiyun's dedication to inheritance.

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