Chen Zongyu said that if you can't do taboos, you can gradually change your eating habits through dietary techniques, rather than ignoring corrections or taboos.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] Avoiding food helps our body, but it is not so easy to avoid food.

Nutritionists said that if you can't do taboos, you should understand the importance of balanced nutrition.

He divides the change of eating habits into 5 stages through theory, and changes the eating habits step by step. Through technical control, you can eat delicious and healthy even if you don’t want to avoid food.

Dietitian Chen Zongyu mentioned in a post on the Facebook fan special "Nutrition School - Chen Zongyu Nutritionist" that it is very difficult to avoid eating. Usually, food is rich in fat, starch and cooked through heavy flavors. Increased fat will also make the body prone to inflammation, and excessive intake of additives will also increase the burden on the metabolic system.

However, it is inevitable that people will have a desire to eat. Chen Zongyu said that diet techniques can be used to make healthy meals that are not taboo, rather than correcting or tabooing.

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He said that if you can't do taboos, you should use cognitive guidance to understand the importance of nutrition and balance. Chen Zongyu listed the stages of behavior change about diet, and through theory, he helped everyone understand that healthy eating can be "taken to heart".

● Pre-contemplation: point out the troubles caused by unhealthy foods, such as long-term intake of these unhealthy foods may cause inflammation and other problems.

● Contemplation period: Behaviors that encourage healthy eating appear.

For example, how about trying a vegetarian restaurant once a week to supplement your fiber intake?

● Preparatory period: make behavioral changes.

For example, the intake of fruits and vegetables can be supplemented with vitamin C, fiber, lutein, etc., which can reduce inflammation. Do you want to make a plan to see?

●Action period: Provide motivation or plan for change.

For example, if it is difficult to avoid eating, you can reduce the frequency of unhealthy foods, maybe 4 times a week to 3 times a week.

●Maintenance period: maintain a healthy eating pattern.

For example, find more friends next to you to go to a delicious and healthy vegetable restaurant.

Chen Zongyu pointed out that there is no food that cannot be eaten, but attention should be paid to the amount and frequency. If you want to implement dietary modifications, you can reduce the frequency and amount, and reducing the overall 20-30% is also a way.

In addition, don’t drastically change your eating habits: if you don’t like eating fruits and vegetables, it’s pointless to suggest eating fruits and vegetables; if you are lactose intolerant, recommending drinking milk is a very bad way, and you should find alternatives, such as changing fruits and vegetables to Vegetable juice, milk can be changed to yogurt, etc., as far as possible to an acceptable level.

He also said that it is not a taboo, but we can learn to be a little healthier, and maintaining good health bit by bit is a great asset!

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