As a result of the operations carried out by the Barda District Police Department in recent days, a total of 27 people suspected of illegal drug trafficking, theft and illegal possession of firearms were identified and brought to justice.

According to the information provided to APA by the Barda regional group of the MIA press service, 23 people suspected of illegal drug trafficking were arrested as a result of successive measures carried out by the employees of the Barda police station.

In total, more than 7 kilograms of drugs containing drugs of various names were found and taken from them.

Also, with the operation-search measures carried out by the department's employees, thefts from the past were uncovered and 2 people suspected of committing crimes were detained.

It was determined that they caused more than 13,000 manat damage to the victims by stealing in the region.

In addition, 2 people suspected of illegally possessing firearms were also identified.

1 "Kalashnikov" machine gun and 30 bullets, 1 "Makarov" pistol and 4 bullets, 1 rifle with cut off stock and barrel and 6 bullets were found and taken from them.

In connection with the mentioned facts, criminal cases have been initiated in the Barda Police Station under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and preventive measures have been taken against the persons detained by the court's decisions.