Hsieh He-hsien announced in June that he would run for election as a member of Taipei City's Zhongzheng Wanhua District.

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[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Xie Hexian announced his candidacy for the Wanhua District Councilor of Zhongzheng City, Taipei City in June. After quickly moving his household registration, he registered for the election, and he became even more determined to return to the black. Unexpectedly, today (7th) suddenly In a Facebook post, he denounced "When I was a pan boy, people who wanted to make election money appeared."

Xie Hexian designed the check-in attraction "Hamen Wall".

(Retrieved from Facebook) 

Xie Hexian posted with emotion that he had just stepped into the election and met people who wanted to make election money. "On the surface, it was said that my fans wanted to support me, but in the end, they all came to do business for him." He also revealed that after seeing a few It was only after the 100,000 advertisement price list that I realized that "it turns out that the election is so easy to make money." However, Xie Hexian also expressed that he was not tempted, "It's really just a bid, I don't have Jin Yuan from the blue and green parties, and I don't need to see those The faces of politicians and bureaucrats are the most hated by young people who are bureaucratic. 

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Since his candidacy, Xie Hexian has not only swept the streets and prayed for votes, he has also often posted on Facebook to promote his political views, using his influence as a "singer" to make publicity.

Xie Hexian caused a lot of controversy after he put forward three major political opinions, including advocating the legalization of marijuana, landing in red light districts, legalizing modified motorcycles, and creatively designing a "net beauty wall" to attract fans to take photos and punch cards.

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