Facebook will let users customize dynamic walls.

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Facebook (Facebook) has not been optimistic in its community management in recent years. It has been ridiculed by the outside world for the use of Facebook by the elderly. Young people have already moved to another platform of their own, IG, and even more powerful rivals TikTok and Xiaohongshu. In a bid to salvage the exodus, Facebook announced it would tweak its News Feed to give users more control over what they see.

In the past Facebook's algorithm, users can be said to be passive, unable to really decide what content they can see on their dynamic wall.

Facebook said it will soon be able to choose between "show more" or "show less" in what you see, with "show more" increasing the ranking of that content, "showing less" lowering the ranking, and then Adjusting the type of content that appears in the dynamic wall is equivalent to a user-customizable dynamic wall.

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Facebook also said that it will improve the algorithm based on user feedback, not only dynamic walls, but also Reels can be customized; new features are coming soon.

The launch date in Taiwan is not yet known.

Facebook will be rolling out new Show More, Show Less features.


However, foreign media pointed out that Facebook users should not be too happy. Similar functions are also available on YouTube, but according to reports, they have not been of much use.

In addition, Facebook Group Meta is facing a strong operational blow recently. CEO Zuckerberg has come forward to say that Meta will reduce the team to save expenses; new news points out that Meta is already making big layoffs.

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