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With BGN 1.5 million saved from the budget of the Ministry of Health, the salaries of all the employees of the RZI in the country will be increased by BGN 600, but only for the month of October.

This was announced by the Acting Health Minister Asen Medjidiev during a briefing. 

A further increase requires a budget update and a regular government, he said. 

RZI-Pazardzhik has a new director-former head of CSMP

The minister indicated that the funds will be paid this month, together with the salaries of the employees in the RZI and specified that the estimates will be sent to the directors of the regional health inspections with instructions for the payment of the supplements.

Until the end of 2022, additional funds have been provided under the budgets of the CSMP for the employees in the emergency medical assistance centers.

Doctors will be compensated with BGN 600 per month, paramedics – BGN 400, nurses – BGN 360, paramedics – BGN 170, ambulance drivers – BGN 150, paramedics – BGN 120. Dr. Medzhidiev explained that the methodology has already been approved and is about to be sent to the directors of CSMP for implementation.

The additional funds will be received from October 1 until the end of the year.

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