"2022 Taiwan Design Exhibition", the design of Zhongdao detonated a wave of pilgrimages to the entire Taiwanese culture and youth, and the number of visitors exceeded 300,000 three days before the opening of the island last week.

(Provided by Gao City Cultural Bureau)

[Reporter Su Funan / Kaohsiung Report] 2022 Taiwan Design Exhibition Design Zhongdao opened on Friday (September 30) on the island. Hundreds of designers and art teams exhibited their works in the Wanping exhibition hall, detonating the whole Taiwanese youth The pilgrimage tide, the Gao City Cultural Bureau announced this morning (October 3) that the number of people who landed on the island in the first three days of opening has exceeded 300,000, and next week will welcome the National Day. .

According to the statistics of the Kaohsiung Tourism Bureau, the occupancy rate of hotels in Kaohsiung City is close to 80% during the first week off when the island is open to landing on the island, and the occupancy rate around Aihewan near the exhibition area is even closer to 95%. Some hotels are even full, and will welcome you next week. The National Day holiday continues, and the current urban reservation rate has reached 90%. In order to disperse the crowd of pilgrims, the Kaohsiung Light Rail will continue to increase the frequency, and the traffic volume is 5 times that of the previous weekend. New high.

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Visitors will experience an immersive exhibition combining technological art, somatosensory technology, and 5GAioT technology at the "Digiwave 2022" exhibition venue.

(Provided by Gao City Cultural Bureau)

Mayor Chen Qimai thanked the public for their enthusiastic support for related activities. He said that Kaohsiung always hopes to combine local characteristics and creativity in planning large-scale events and urban marketing. Therefore, the night exhibition strategy launched during the design exhibition in response to the Kaohsiung climate worked well. The design of Nakajima integrated by the bureau, each exhibition is extremely exciting, allowing everyone to see the thriving design power in Taiwan.

In response to the Kaohsiung climate, the nighttime exhibition strategy launched during the design exhibition worked.

(Provided by Gao City Cultural Bureau)

Vice Mayor Shi Zhe said that the design of Zhongdao is the first time that hundreds of designers and art teams from all over Taiwan will be exhibited in the Wanping exhibition area. The performance of Skylight, two immersive exhibitions "LOG ING" and "Digiwave2022" that combine technology art, somatosensory technology experience, and the application of 5GAioT technology, invited nearly 100 designers, creators, The "Youth Restriction" and "Immortal Youth" exhibitions participated by film and television directors, each exhibition curatorial team is a temporary choice, and the 11-hour crowd in Nakajima has become a pilgrimage wave of design exhibitions.

Cultural Director Wang Wencui pointed out that in addition to the design of Zhongdao and the opening of the island last weekend, there were also Kaohsiung City Book Fair, Xiongxiong Voice Concert and other activities around the Aihewan site. From the Special Zone to the Design Center Island and 7 city exhibition areas, as of yesterday, the crowd has reached nearly 350,000 people. It is estimated that the central exhibition area of ​​Taiwan Design Exhibition will be launched this week. Coupled with the arrival of the National Day holiday, the crowd is bound to reach a new high.

The Cultural Affairs Bureau reminded that due to the crowds of visitors to the exhibition, traffic control will be implemented around the Pier-2 Art Zone during the holidays. We appeal to visitors to make more use of public transportation to visit Design Zhongdao. There will be more exciting events this week. Book accommodation and train tickets well, and experience the diverse and rich cultural charm of Kaohsiung.

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