Today, the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center provides flu and Moderna next-generation vaccinations simultaneously. More than 500 people have completed the dual vaccinations in the morning.

(Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

[Reporter Xu Lijuan / Kaohsiung Report] Publicly funded influenza vaccines are available today. Kaohsiung City has prepared 740,000 doses to vaccinate seniors and other high-risk groups this year. In addition to the simultaneous immunization of 600 contracted institutes across the city, it is also open today at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center for people over 65 years old. The elders were vaccinated against influenza and Moderna’s next-generation vaccine at the same time. The vaccination situation was quite active. Nearly 500 people completed the vaccination in the morning. catch a cold."

The first-stage public-funded influenza vaccine targets include high-risk groups such as seniors over 65 years old, medical personnel, health and epidemic prevention personnel, and staff of long-term care institutions.

(Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

Kaohsiung Exhibition Center provides both public-funded influenza vaccines and Moderna next-generation vaccines for elders today. Originally, 500 people made an appointment to receive 2 doses at a time. Since the site is also open for on-site calls, more than 500 people completed it in one morning. inoculation.

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Guo Baihong, a 67-year-old citizen, finished the flu and Moderna's next-generation vaccine, and said that when he is old, he can only protect himself by getting vaccinated.

(Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

Guo Baihong, a 67-year-old citizen, said that he takes the flu vaccine every year because he is older and more protective. He also received the Moderna next-generation vaccine as the fifth supplementary dose. He said that the virus is now highly contagious. , There is vaccination, in case the disease is not so strong, so far he has not been diagnosed.

69-year-old Zhuang Yongmou said that today he is vaccinated with both the influenza vaccine and the Moderna next-generation vaccine. The influenza vaccine is also given every year. Colds often lead to a lot of uncomfortable symptoms. The vaccine is the fifth dose.

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Guo Baihong, a 67-year-old citizen, has received the flu and Moderna's next-generation vaccine. When he is old, he can only protect himself by getting vaccinated.

(Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

The Kaohsiung City Health Bureau held a "Let's Give You a Hand" activity at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center in the morning to promote the use of influenza vaccine, and Director Huang Zhizhong took the lead to demonstrate the vaccination.

Huang Zhizhong said that this year's public-funded 4-valent influenza vaccine (2 types A, 2 types B) vaccines, the current domestic or international influenza virus strains are all covered and hit by the 4-valent vaccine, so the influenza vaccine is used. Effective, Kaohsiung City purchased a total of 740,000 doses this year, which can cover 27% of the population, provide high-risk groups with 30-80% protection, reduce serious complications caused by influenza by 50-60%, and reduce by 80%. % mortality rate.

Regarding the side effects of influenza vaccination, Huang Zhizhong said that the influenza vaccine is very mild. As long as you take a rest after the injection, there will be some pain at the injection site, but the side effects are very low. You can rest assured that you can contact the relevant units if you have any discomfort.

The public-funded flu vaccine was launched today, and Kaohsiung City Health Director Huang Zhizhong took the lead at the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center today.

(Photo by reporter Xu Lijuan)

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