iPhone 'Fuck Me' Spam Changes New Way to Scam.

(Picture / flipping the network)

A while ago, the iPhone's iMessage received spam messages like "LINE", which made Apple mobile phone users shout very annoying. They can only deal with it by blocking reports or closing iMessage. Recently, such spam messages seem to have decreased. However, some netizens found that there were actually new tricks secretly.

A netizen posted on PTT, saying that he thought that iMessage spam had been posted for a while, but unexpectedly recently received a notification that popped up from "Shared Album", but it was a message of "I'm sorry", and the fraud group switched from iMessage to "" The "Share Album" feature made him quite dumbfounded.

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Netizens said that they had received spam messages from shared albums.

(Picture / Flip PTT)

The shared album function is to "notify" friends to edit the album together by adding iCloud. It seems that the fraud group is targeting this loophole to move its position.

This trick caused netizens to be angry, "It's a thief", "I haven't met it before, this trick is too pedantic", "Old dog plays a new trick", "This fraud group is really a genius", "I also received AirDrop. ".

If you want to avoid this method, you can solve it by turning off the shared album method, but it means that you cannot create an album to share with others, or subscribe to an album shared by others.

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