According to the 2022 Taiwan Internet Report, the overall Internet access rate in Taiwan has reached as high as 84.3%, and even one-fifth of the total population is online all the time, and is highly dependent on the Internet. What comes is that everyone can become a target of cybercriminals!

According to Trend Micro statistics, as of August 2022, the number of inquiries that have been actively returned by users and confirmed to be fake LINE accounts has exceeded one million. It is obvious that the unsafe Internet usage environment not only increases the anxiety of use, but also increases it virtually. The possibility of people falling into cyber traps.

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In this regard, Trend Micro has compiled four common types of fraud indicators and tricks in recent times to help people see through the most common fraud methods at a glance.

In addition, we call for good use of professional information security tools to help protect such as: PC-cillin 2023 cloud version, anti-virus, anti-fraud, anti-personal information leakage, improve the basic self-prevention awareness of the online world, and effectively resist online threats.

The information security industry has announced the four most terrifying Internet traps in 2022 to help the public see through the most common fraudulent methods and words at a glance.

(Figure provided by Trend Micro)

The four most terrifying Internet traps and common phrases in 2022

1. Online shopping fraud, loss of funds and compensation

According to Trend Micro statistics, the number of fake online shopping scam websites in the first half of 2022 still ranks first among all types of online scams in Taiwan.

The number of detections per month accounts for more than 50% of all online frauds, and the number of detections in a single season is as high as 2.2 million.

Fraud groups see business opportunities in the home economy and continue to use attractive product pictures or prices to lure people into fake shopping websites for consumption, and even directly steal people's accounts for fake online photography. Money and personal information are handed over to become the possessions of criminal groups.

In addition to paying attention to the rampant one-page website scams, you also need to pay attention to its three major features, including: "emphasis on cash on delivery", "the price is significantly lower than the market price", "the website address is meaningless or there is no company address phone number" When waiting for the warning, when entering the bank account number, you must also pay attention to whether the transaction is safe through the third-party payment channel, so as to avoid being deceived by hackers again and again and losing everything.

2. Investment Fraud Guarantee Profit Guarantee Disaster

"Hello, I'm the investment advisor I contacted you earlier. If you are in a hurry, please add me!" Most people have been bombarded with a large number of similar text messages in the first half of 2022, and fraudulent groups have been contacted by LINE or pretended to be familiar with the group. , By introducing stocks or investment opportunities, people are attracted to fake investment websites. Once hooked, they will steal money for reasons such as platform abnormalities, or even freeze accounts directly and lose contact.

According to statistics, from January to August this year, Trend Micro has detected more than 1.62 million investment fraud websites and 110,000 NFT fake websites.

Hackers not only expand the operation of the traditional investment market, but also seize the emerging NFT and cryptocurrency investment and trading opportunities to defraud money. For investment words such as "guaranteed profit, steady profit without loss", it is necessary to remember that there is no free lunch in the world , to avoid loss of money and people.

3. Game fraud evacuates virtual wealth and evaporates bank passbooks

Players store up points or buy virtual treasures to improve their skills in the game, and they have also become treasures in the eyes of cybercriminals.

Post messages such as "buy a lot of virtual treasures cheaply, use LINE to contact" or "sell characters and equipment cheap" on the game exchange platform to attract gamers to take the bait, and then provide a fake virtual treasure trading platform, requiring players to buy points to store value, It also tricks players into continuing to pay by tricks such as the need to pay the stored value first or the payment limit, and even steal the game account through the input data and use the player's identity.

It is recommended to store value and purchase through official channels, and do not buy virtual treasures with unknown origins and abnormal prices on the Internet to avoid being scammed by unscrupulous elements or causing game account suspension.

4. Video platform fraud: Make you unable to follow dramas and begin to doubt your life

According to the survey, the number one reason for Taiwanese to hang on the Internet every day is to watch video and audio content. The average daily time spent on streaming platforms accounts for 42.7% of the daily video and video viewing time. It has become one of the mainstream video and audio viewing methods. Nowadays, chasing dramas has also become a phenomenon of “business opportunities” for cybercriminals.

Compared with the first quarter of 2022, the number of video platform phishing websites measured by Trend Micro in the second quarter increased by 132%. Common methods such as: disguising as the official notification of the streaming platform, sending "your The subscription will end, please update the payment method” or “There is a problem with the payment method, your account has been temporarily reserved”, etc., to lure consumers into phishing websites and take the opportunity to steal important personal information such as the entered account number and credit card.

In addition, the pirated audio and video websites and cross-regional VPNs used in chasing dramas also have many potential security risks. For example, there are many malicious advertisements buried in pirated audio and video websites, and the use of VPNs may still lose privacy and security due to insufficient encryption, or Mistakenly entered phishing and scam websites due to cross-border exposure to unfamiliar online environments.

Trend Micro launched the re-evolved PC-cillin 2023 Cloud Edition, which is anti-virus, anti-fraud, and anti-personal information leakage, helping the public to effectively defend against online threats.

(Figure provided by Trend Micro)

Remind the public to avoid using pirated audio and video websites when chasing dramas online, choose a secure VPN service with encryption technology carefully, and do not click on unidentified links at will to avoid the risk of device poisoning and personal information leakage.

In addition, if you receive a payment or account-related notification, the public is also advised to log in from the official website for verification to prevent hackers from using phishing websites to steal the account secrets of the audio-visual platform.