Google shuts down game streaming service Stadia in January.


Google has entered the game streaming service and built the Stadia platform since 2019, but in just three years, it has been unable to play and is ready to withdraw from the market.

Phil Harrison, vice president of Google, announced on the official blog earlier that he had to make the decision to close Stadia because the response was not as expected.

The official closing time is January 18, 2023, as long as players can get a full refund for any hardware and software they have spent on Google Stadia, excluding Stadia Pro subscriptions.

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Phil Harrison also said that he will transfer Stadia-related technologies to other Google services, such as YouTube, Google Play, and AR, emphasizing that the future is still committed to game development; Stadia team members will be transferred to other departments of the company to promote.

(Photo / Associated Press)

After the news of Stadia's death was announced, the outside world was not too surprised, because there were rumors about its poor operation. In February last year, Google disbanded the Stadia game development studio without warning, showing the danger of being attacked by the enemy.

In addition, it has been reported that Stadia will be closed a while ago. Google also denied and clarified at that time. I didn’t expect it to be 2 months, and it was confirmed that it really couldn’t last. What kind of impact this will bring remains to be seen.

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