Zhang Lan (pictured on the left) was suspected of choking Zhang Yingying during the live broadcast, which caused heated discussions.

(reproduced from Weibo)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] The relationship between Wang Xiaofei and actress Zhang Yingying has always been the focus of the outside world. Previously, the woman said that she bought two mobile phones. When asked if one of them would be given to Wang Xiaofei, she also responded with a straight ball: "You are so smart!" It is suspected that the relationship between the two is tacitly, causing heated discussions.

A few days ago, Wang Xiaofei's mother Zhang Lan opened a live broadcast to interact with netizens. During the process, she was asked a question about Zhang Yingying, and Zhang Lan's reaction was fully exposed.

In response to the relationship between her son Wang Xiaofei and Zhang Yingying, Zhang Lan expressed her heartfelt feelings many times, mad at the woman, and even directly denied the rumors that the two were in love.

In the live broadcast a few days ago, Zhang Lan was asked by netizens about Wang Xiaofei's new love Zhang Yingying. In this regard, Zhang Lan was also polite: "There are no doors, no seams!"

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Zhang Lan said that she would not refuse fans' request for a photo, and was interpreted by netizens as explaining the photo with Zhang Yingying.

(reproduced from Weibo)

In this regard, netizens commented: "The funniest mistress and mother-in-law in history...", "But your son really loves her", "I feel like I'm going to be mad at my son..." In addition, Zhang Lan was also in the live broadcast, Suspected to mention that she took a photo with Zhang Yingying, she said that she never refused to take a photo with fans, but she meant that she "was used accidentally", which caused a lot of heated discussions among netizens.

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