Li Peixu and his beloved wife often show off on social platforms.

(reproduced from IG patricklee_proudtobe)

[Entertainment Channel/Comprehensive Report] Actor Li Peixu suddenly announced the good news on the 6th of last month that he was married and officially upgraded to a husband. Although he did not reveal his wife's identity, the couple often showed their sweetness on social platforms.

Yesterday (28), Li Peixu suddenly shouted on his personal IG for a limited time: "We... have it!" and posted videos and photos, happily announcing the good news.

Li Peixu posted a video of "very big belly" and happily announced the good news.

(reproduced from IG patricklee_proudtobe)

Li Peixu and his wife went out shopping a few days ago. The two took the escalator and took a video in front of the mirror. They saw the couple walking side by side, and the woman also leaned her head on her husband's shoulder affectionately, very loving.

In this regard, Li Peixu said in the article: "Daily life for husband and wife, today ... I want to announce a good news to everyone, we ... have it!" and attached many small stickers with hints.

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Li Peixu took a photo with his beloved wife.

(reproduced from IG patricklee_proudtobe)

At first glance, I thought that the two had the crystallization of love, but at the end of the film, there was a picture of one of them holding a big belly and the other reaching out to touch. In fact, it was Li Peixu who held his belly and his He loves his wife, and the woman is touching and laughing. She looks very funny and cute. In another photo, Li Peixu's whole body photo of his beloved wife is exposed, but her belly looks very flat. .

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