The doctor reminds not to ignore physical warning signs such as abdominal distension and abdominal pain. If you feel unwell, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

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[Health Channel/Comprehensive Report] A man in his 50s had long-term abdominal pain and bloating. He usually took stomach medicine to relieve his symptoms. Due to his busy work, he couldn't find time to check up, and he did not seek medical treatment until his abdominal distension became very uncomfortable.

Gastric endoscopy revealed an ulcer in the greater curvature of the stomach near the gastric antrum, with an irregular tumor about 2 cm in size. The biopsy result was poorly differentiated gastric adenocarcinoma, chronic gastritis combined with Helicobacter pylori infection; the doctor reminded that if there is any abnormality in the body, please arrange an examination as soon as possible , so as not to delay the disease

Zhan Yixue, director of the Endoscopy Department of Hexin Minquan Health Management Clinic, said that gastroscopy is the current criterion for diagnosing gastric cancer. If you are afraid of gastroscopy, you can choose a painless gastroscopy. Don’t delay the golden emergency period because of your fear of gastroscopy.

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Zhan Yixue shared on the Facebook page "Hepatobiliary Gastroenterology Physician Zhan Yixue" that the early symptoms of gastric cancer are abdominal discomfort, indigestion, upper abdominal pain, abdominal distension, belching, and gastric acid reflux.

Usually the symptoms will be relieved by taking stomach medicine, so it is easy to delay medical treatment, as well as anemia, dizziness, fatigue, loss of appetite, and rapid weight loss.

Common causes of stomach cancer:

●Helicobacter pylori.

●Chronic gastritis leads to "atrophic gastritis" and "intestinal metaplasia".

●Have undergone gastrectomy.

● Family history of gastric cancer.

● smoking, pickled food.

●Age, gender (male).

●Pernicious anemia.

● gastric polyps: glandular polyps.

● obese.

Zhan Yixue said that if you have stomach discomfort, seek medical attention as soon as possible, eat light and fresh food, eat more foods rich in vitamin C; Exercise more and lose weight.

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