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The young actor Galin Naydenov, known as the Bulgarian Alain Delon, got engaged.

The star, who scored a key role in the show "The Cut Off", proposed marriage to his beloved - Veronika Dimitrova, during the theatrical premiere in the capital's "Tear and Laughter".

"I wanted to do it for a long time. The date is not a coincidence, two years ago on September 27th I met her for the first time. Our first meeting was exciting, we hit it off almost immediately and since then we have not been apart. She works at Tokuda Hospital as a nurse," revealed the groom-to-be to the Telegraph.

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Galin does not hide his joy that one of the most exciting moments in his life so far took place on stage, and in front of more than 500 people.

Including relatives and friends who traveled specially to Sofia.

His colleagues in the show were also aware of the happy ending.