September 29 is World Heart Day. In order to arouse the public's attention to cardiovascular health, the Ministry of Health and Welfare held an exhibition today on the "Intelligent Platform for Emergency Medical Rescue - Heart Care Action", inviting hospitals across the country to observe the platform's achievements.

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[Reporter Wu Liangyi/Taipei Report] The 41-year-old Mr. Wang was accidentally electrocuted and fell to the ground at work. Before arriving at the hospital, his heart stopped (OHCA) and he lost signs of life.

The emergency team of Peking University Affiliated Hospital activated the Yekeme team in advance through the information provided by the on-site ambulance personnel. The patient received emergency treatment immediately after arriving at the hospital, and successfully completed the installation of the Yekeme film within 22 minutes of arrival. The patient was discharged after 23 days of hospitalization. .

The Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of the Interior jointly launched the "Smart Platform for Emergency Medical Care - One-stop Plan for Emergency Medical Care", which optimized and combined the existing information platform of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's War Situation Center and standardized information streaming operations across hospitals and fire departments to build an integrated The intelligent platform for emergency medical rescue provides real-time and complete information on the medical side and the fire fighting terminal. The ambulance personnel can immediately return the patient's physiological data, and the medical team can formulate a medical plan to rescue the injured patient as soon as possible.

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September 29th is World Heart Day. The Ministry of Health and Welfare today held an exhibition of "Intelligent Platform for Emergency Medical Rescue - Heart Care Action", inviting hospitals across the country to observe the platform's achievements.

At present, the platform has completed the data integration, application and reporting of the pre-hospital rescue records for pre-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) and major trauma (Trauma) and the post-hospital medical information system. The hospital demonstrates how it works and how it works.

Wu Yucong, vice president of the Affiliated Hospital of Beijing Medical University, said that as a hospital with severe emergency responsibility, this time, it is the first to connect the intelligent platform for emergency medical care to replace paper records and manual notification manpower, improve the early warning function of the effective use of hospital resources, and enhance emergency and critical care, medical care The quality supervision function improves the quality of emergency medical care through the operation of this platform.

Hou Jinguang, director of the Department of Emergency and Critical Care Medicine of the Affiliated Hospital of Peking University, said that every second counts for rescuing OHCA patients. Taking last year as an example, the ROSC (recovery of spontaneous circulation) rate of OHCA patients in hospitals across the country was 21%. The ROSC ratio of the medical center is 31%, and the affiliated hospital of Beijing Medical University is 35%.

Among them, providing accurate and effective information at the ambulance scene is often one of the key factors for patients to receive the most appropriate treatment.

Hou Shiguang said that taking Mr. Wang as an example, the firefighters immediately provided information such as the patient's youth and suffering from electric shock after arriving at the scene. First aid was given, and the installation of the Yeke membrane was completed in 22 minutes. Due to the fast first aid, Mr. Wang's brain and heart were not seriously damaged. The Yeke membrane was removed after 1 week, and he recovered and was discharged from the hospital after 3 weeks.

Hou Shiguang said that rescuing Mr. Wang should not be a successful case of a single hospital. Through the system connection of the emergency medical rescue intelligent platform, accurate and effective information is transmitted in real time, shortening the distance between the rescue scene and the medical team. treatment plan, while reducing the manpower and time of data entry.

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