"Yi-Thai Mixed Blood Sweetheart" Valentina has a sweet appearance and is a talented creative woman who is proficient in multiple languages.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yiquan)

[Reporter Xu Shiying/Interview] Valentina, a 28-year-old "Yi-Thai mixed-race sweetheart" who won the runner-up of Thailand's "Miss Universe", visited Taiwan in a whirlwind last week. She is a talented creative woman herself. She said that every song comes from real experience. Because the mixed-race face was bullied at school, he developed the habit of creating in the bathroom.

She described her mother as a warrior who taught her not to be affected by the bullying, for which she is very grateful to her mother for making her strong as she grew up.

Valentina was born in southern Italy. Her father is Italian and her mother is Thai. She revealed that when she was a child, her classmates would ridicule her for being "Asian" because of her mixed-race identity. Her mother in a foreign land felt very discriminated against, and also She is often treated with disrespect. "When I was a child, I was bullied and cried and went home, and my mother would say to me, 'Why should I care about their ignorance?', I think it may be because my grandfather is a soldier, so my mother has a stronger character", which also makes her optimistic personality.

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Although she performed gracefully and generously, Valentina revealed that she was quite shy, "I also took acting classes for this, but I didn't want to be an actor, but to train not to be so shy!" She said that she was forced to do a lot in class and didn't want to do it. "For example, walking around with ugly faces, and don't care how others see you".

Cheerful, she said with a smile that it is impossible to have no negative emotions, and she just tries to look at everything from a positive perspective, "But trying to maintain it does have pressure. I wrote the song "Drunk Sleeping In Taxi" to describe such a mood."

Valentina revealed that all her creations came from real experience, and she said that she was able to face bullying when she was a child, thanks to her mother.

(Photo by reporter Chen Yiquan)

Valentina also revealed that creation is another outlet for her to vent her emotions. She also revealed that she has been with her boyfriend for nearly 3 years. The love songs in the new album are all written to her boyfriend and describe her love mood.

As for singing sad songs, she admitted that she would be nervous, "after all, it is a more private thing."

She believes that love must be said bravely, "I won't be afraid to express your truest emotions to the person you love! For example, my father is in his 70s. He used to be shy, but he may have been older recently and began to say it on the phone. "I love you"."

During her visit to Taiwan this time, Valentina also went to the night market and finally got her wish to eat the stinky tofu she had always wanted to try. She said with a smile, "I have heard that it is very stinky, but I didn't expect the stamina to be so strong and the smell lasts for a long time!" She also ate chicken chops, ice-fired pineapple oil, pearl milk tea and other delicacies. She also experienced "Bird's Trigram" for the first time, and asked about her work fortune, "He said that I must be patient and confident, and I will do it later. There will be good development.”

She came to Taiwan to be busy with her work and finally said that she is looking forward to coming to Taiwan next time, "I hope to have the opportunity to have close contact with more fans!"

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