Japanese men understand the value of the aroma of the sun. Besides drying clothes, they also dry quilts, etc. A change of washing powder may bring many changes.

(Photo by Liu Lier)

Text / Liu Lier

Japan's middle-aged and senior psychiatrist Hetian Hideki has published best-selling books one after another, making people live healthier and more beautiful. He said in an interview a few days ago that the most important principle is that there should be changes in life, even small changes, don't do it every day Same thing.

Just in line with my heart, changing the direction or method of a fixed daily routine will bring about changes, and it will make people feel happy!

Like Tuoshi, who only uses laundry detergent indoors, the weather has been good for several days. He switched to general laundry detergent and dried clothes on the balcony. He found that the clothes he received smelled of the sun. He was very happy and loved it. Sunning all kinds of things in the sun, not only clothes, quilts, etc. are taken out to dry from time to time, but even bought a "Tianri Dry" net to dry vegetables or fish. It has a great flavor!" He really became a sun-scented maniac, he didn't expect that just changing the type of laundry detergent would bring so many wonderful changes!

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I myself sometimes take the tram in the opposite direction, or get on a bus with an unknown destination, and get off at random, only to find that there are many scenery that I don’t know not far from home, just like different towns, I am surprised” It turns out that there is such a world in Tokyo!" There is a sense of fulfillment for a little adventure or travel!

When Cocoon was a little depressed, she went to the park to touch and talk to the tree, like a tree doctor. She said, "It's the tree that heals me, not me!" , touch the big tree in the park, it will be very relaxing!

Yuezi occasionally buys a bunch of flowers or a flower to put at home. She said, "A room with flowers has a different atmosphere and a different mood! If you have flowers, you will feel that you have a little extra!" Chatting with the owner of the flower shop is also very happy. , the topic of flowers is so wonderful!

Small changes bring surprises. Yumi, who does not eat breakfast on weekdays, occasionally goes to the restaurant to enjoy breakfast, confirming that breakfast is the king of three meals, so "Breakfast at Tiffany" is breakfast instead of dinner, she even went to the hotel to eat a decent breakfast, She said, "Walking the same road every day, or always sitting in the same position and ordering the same dishes in the same restaurant, is used to make people relaxed, and occasionally doing something different is very exciting. Breakfast makes my map wider!"

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