Microsoft Windows 11 continues to push the 22H2 update.

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Microsoft has successively promoted the major update of Windows 11 22H2. Although this version is much more stable than in the past, there are still some disasters. In addition to the performance problem caused by the graphics card that NVIDIA has repaired, some users still encounter BSOD blue and white crash screen. Microsoft has followed suit.

In Microsoft's latest public support document, it is mentioned that the BSOD crash encountered this time is mainly caused by the Intel identity problem, which is caused by the Intel SST audio driver, version or, named IntcAudioBus.sys .

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Microsoft further explained that only computers with Intel 11th-generation Core processors and Intel SST driver version or are affected, and the above-mentioned devices have been suspended to allow upgrades to Windows 11 22H2.

The foreign media Windows Latest said that it is not known when Microsoft will fix this. If you want to know your Intel SST driver version, you can check it in the device administrator; if you find that your computer's version happens to be the problem version this time, You can try to check if there is a new version available on the OEM website or Windows Update's optional update to remove the restriction.

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